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LED panel lights are a type of semiconductor diode that converts electrical energy into light energy. Like ordinary diodes, LEDs consist of a PN junction and also have unidirectional conductivity. When a forward voltage is applied to the light-emitting diode, holes injected from the P region into the N region and electrons injected into the P region from the N region are separated from the electrons of the N region and the P region by a few micrometers in the vicinity of the PN junction. The hole complexes to produce fluorescence of spontaneous radiation. The energy states of electrons and holes in different semiconductor materials are different. When the energy released by the recombination of electrons and holes is different, the more energy is released, the shorter the wavelength of the emitted light. Commonly used are diodes that emit red, green or yellow light. The reverse breakdown voltage of the LED is greater than 5 volts. The forward volt-ampere characteristic curve of the LED panel light is very steep. When used, the current limiting resistor must be connected in series to control the current through the diode. LED electric cabinet lights are characterized by high quality, durability and energy saving. The range of projection angle adjustment is large, and the brightness of 15W is equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamps. High temperature resistance, moisture proof and waterproof, and leakage prevention. The use voltage is: 110V, 220V optional, the cover can be made of glass or PC material. The lamp head is the same as a regular fluorescent lamp. The above information is compiled and shared by the Led Work Light manufacturer, hoping to help those in need. information about Led Work Light : https://www.xiangruilight.com/product/led-work-light/